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What is a Let to Buy mortgage?


If you’re planning to move house, but don’t want to let go of your original home, you can use a Let to Buy mortgage. This enables you to let out your current home to tenants, whilst taking an additional loan for your new property.

A Let to Buy mortgage involves having two simultaneous mortgages in place. Whilst ordinarily you will take both mortgages with the same lender, it is possible to borrow from two separate lenders if this results in a better deal.


You don’t want to part with your current home When Would You Cons

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You don’t want to part with your current home

Perhaps your home has sentimental value, or you would like to give it to your children when they are old enough.

You need to relocate quickly

If you need to move quickly due to life issues, such as a new job offer or to care for ailing relatives, you might not have time or struggle to sell your home. A Let to Buy Mortgage can help you to fund this type of move without losing your original home.